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Cladding Brick

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    • Cladding Brick Citrine
      Cladding Brick Terracotta
      Cladding Brick Garnet
      Cladding Brick Limonet
      Cladding Brick Mix1
      Cladding Brick Mix2
      Cladding Brick Plum
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    • Cladding Bricks Batu Alam Wairau Stone:
      Size: 07 x 22 x 1,5 Cm
      Content: 65 pcs/ M²
      Box content: 1M²
      Box size: 1M² = 37 x 38 x 37.5cm
      Weight: 34 kg / box
      Weight Nett: 26 kg / M²
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  1. A durable, virtually no maintenance walling system which gives you all the benefits of long term economy while it adds to your property value.
  2. Waterproofing and sealing provide a permanent weather-resistant finish superior to natural stone.
  3. Far lighter than conventional stone or brick veneer with the same warm, natural appearance.
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