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Wairau Stone Cladding is a wall decoration stone for sheathing which is free of maintenance, for houses, commercial building, offices, industrial building, etc.

Cladding Texture

The product is produced from Portland Cement, Pumice, Sand and Inorganic Oxide Colors.
It includes at manufacture and acrylic waterproof agent any and an anti-fungicide. Each piece is cast from an individual mould taken from a natural stone, thereby guaranteeing realistic stone textures.

Cladding Flexibilities

Wairau Stone is economically applied over most structurally sound walls with an acrylic modified mortar. It may be used on interiors and exteriors in any climate. Wairau stone is waterproof and sealing provide a permanent weather-resistant finish-superior to natural stone. Far lighter than conventional stone or brick veneer make easy to construct than conventional stone cladding.

Cladding Color Resistance

Inorganic oxyde color are an integral part of the production process. Through the filed test the evidence shows no undesirable change of the color after years of weathering. There are in excess of five colours available in the standard range of cladding bricks and many other non-standard colours available to order.



Greater Strength

Comprehensive strength more than 500 Kg/Cm2, superior raw material, design and quality. Although sealing is not essential, sealing will not only enhance and beautify the product, it will be easier to keep clean and prevents marking, reduces fading, enhances color, & increases the non slip character of the surface.

Harder Non Maintenance Surface

No more water blasting or abrasive cleaning.

Increased Property Value

Practically and aesthetically attractive. With more than 35 different textures makes each paver looks beautiful. Quality paving enhances the appearance of your investment.

Installation Cost

Similar to Cobblestone but saw cut
for a superior finish.

Unique Color

The highest quality pigments are used in the manufacturing process to create a unique blend of colors. While a base color range is available we can create your own special color to compliment your requirements.

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SUN Plaza Medan, Plaza Ambarukmo,
GKJMB church Jakarta, Pondok Indah Mall 2 Jakarta, Japan Embassy Jakarta.



A beautiful characteristic from Tiera Tiles bring tile nostalgia from the past that can be applied in modern, Mediterranean, or tropical nuance of architecture.

Natural choice of colours suits the landscape of your home. Colour combination and unique pattern are part of Wairau Stone composition.


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